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User guide for parents

  • If your child uses a tablet, you will need to download and create an account on  Padlet, Jamboard and Zoom (if you prefer to use Skype or Google Meet, please let me know).

  • Your child can communicate with me via his Padlet. He can write a question or post a voice recording in the comments to ask questions.


  • During the online class, the child must know how to split his screen on the tablet to be able to see the teacher in webcam and use the Jamboard application at the same time. So he will enjoy more the 1 by 1 online classs. 

  • The success of this method is based on the active participation of the child. I therefore recommend that you explain to your child that if he does play activities regularly, he will improve faster. Encourage him not to go too fast to learn better! I ask each child to write "done" in the comments when they have finished a day of activity so that they are aware of their progress and I can also check their progress.


  • I encourage you to motivate your child to post the requested voice activities. They will help you child to learn better. Only the teacher will have access to these recordings.  

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


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