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Balles de lumière Vintage

Children's courses 

Module 1

Introduce yourself / meet someone

  • greeting

  • say and ask for their first name

  • tell and ask for age

  • say how are you / the emotions

Module 4

talk about home and family

  • say and ask where we live

  • talk about family and home

  • say and ask who it is

  • describe someone or something

Module 7

talk about your vacation

  • tell in the past or in the future

  • talk about a place

  • say what means of transport or uses

  • say what clothes we are wearing

Module 2

to make friends

  • express a desire

  • say and ask what we like or not

  • talk about someone's tastes

  • say and ask what we do

​Module 5

to be invited to someone's house

  • say and ask what it is 

  • say and ask if we have an object

  • say and ask what is there

  • say and ask what we want to eat and drink

Module 8

at school

Introduce yourself / meet someone

  • Module for reviewing concepts learned in the school context

  • talk about his routine

  • give / understand an order

Module 3

find one's way in time and space

  • say and ask for the day

  • tell and ask the time 

  • talk about the weather

  • say and ask where an object or person is

Module 6

express feelings

  • say how i feel

  • to say that it hurts

  • ask for help

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